Self Discharging Vessels

LD Ports & Logistics is continuously developing new bulk logistics technologies and expanding its involvement in Self Unloading Barge projects.

With extensive experience using grabs and belt conveyors, LDPL is continuously developing new bulk logistics technologies for transshipment and maritime logistics to expand its involvement in self-discharging vessel projects. Our commitment to new technology caters to dry bulk cargo exporters with large capacity requirements who require a fast and reliable self-discharging vessel system.

The unloading system employs dust suppression and extraction units to control dust emission. It complies with the most stringent environmental standards. The self-discharging vessel keeps the cargo enclosed inside the wide cargo space at all times.

Designing a self-unloading barge with such capabilities has generated a particular challenge when considering the ease of access and the costly and time-consuming maintenance operations. LDPL has incorporated technologies in the design of our self-unloading barge that takes into consideration the accessibility, serviceability and structural simplicity of the barge. This ensures an extended life of the installed equipment and allows LDPL to provide our customers with a reliable and high performance bulk handling system for greater breakthroughs in dry bulk exportations.

DWT 20,000 tons self-unloading barge

The solution employed by LDPL is a DWT 20,000 tons self-unloading barge, designed to ensure a discharge rate of 40,000 tons per day and to offer an optimum cargo protection that operates autonomously in shallow water environment. Cargo can be directly unloaded from the self-unloading barge onto all vessel types including Capesize, through an enclosed conveyor system.

  • Deadweight: 20,000mt
  • Unloading Capacity: 4,000tph 
  • LOA: 146m
  • Beam: 32m
  • Draft: 8m
  • Bow thrusters for self-maneuvering
  • Enclosed conveyors
  • Extensible unloading arms

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