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LD Ports & Logistics develops and uses advance technology and systems for controlling and suppressing airborne dust emission in all our energy logistics operations..

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In a context of growing energy needs, where coal generates more than 40% of the world’s electricity production, LD Ports & Logistics have developed and implemented specific energy logistics solutions adapted to the supply of coal-fired power plants. LD Ports & Logistics’ focus is to design, build and operate efficient and innovative technical answers to cope with today’s energy logistics issues; these solutions will help unlock value and make Brownfield and Greenfield projects both operationally feasible and economically viable.

Such solutions are based on our extensive energy logistics skills acquired over years of experience in complex areas of operation such as Indonesia, India and West Africa.  Our integration of design, building and operations capabilities gives us the ability to customize logistics solutions to suit your inventory and procurement requirements. For example, barging might require shallow draft barges or self-propelled barges to accommodate river bends etc. This unique ability to manage integrated maritime energy logistics projects – from design to execution of operations on the field – allows us to create highly customized maritime solutions for coal-fired power plants we operate with.

Our energy logistics solutions such as coal handling facilities for coal-fired power plant have been designed and then increasingly optimized in order to ensure performance and reliability, while complying with the highest safety standards. Coal handling is also associated with the risk of generated dust. Strict environmental regulations as well as the sensitivity with respect to limitation of dust emission have motivated LD Ports & Logistics to develop and use advance technology and systems for controlling and suppressing airborne dust emission in all our energy logistics operations.

Our involvement in designing and delivering operations gives us the confidence to approach energy companies as long-term partners. We believe in the reliability and economic efficiency of our solutions and are able to co-invest with our clients in the solutions we develop. This partnership approach aligns incentives between User and Operator and ensures promises are delivered.

Our experts in the port management and off-shore unloading operations provide our customers with complete professional service. In particular, we have experience in operating and maintaining coal unloading jetties for coal-fired power plants. With this experience, combined with our history in barging, transhipment and ship owning, LDPL can be a partner for your supply chain and make your business flow.

Highly reliable services in transhipment and barging to generate power without costly infrastructures.

We can also design and operate maritime energy logistics solutions to supply thermal power stations in challenging conditions. We have developed highly reliable services in transhipment and barging aimed at enabling importers to continue generating power without having to make costly infrastructure investments in a traditional port. Depending on the maturity and operational constraints, as well as the volumes produced, these energy logistics solutions include using  a range of floating transhipment units such as high-capacity floating cranes, transhippers and effective barging solutions such as 12,000 to 15,000 DWT large capacity tugs and barges or self-propelled barges with high-fuel efficiency.

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