Port Operations: Coal, Indonesia

Project Name: Port Operations : Coal, Indonesia
Range of activity: Port Operations

Location : Paiton, Indonesia
Subsidiary name: Maritime Batubara Pertama (MBP)

LD Ports & Logistics has been in charge of facilities operations and maintenance that encompasses all the broad spectrum of services of coal handling for a coal-fired power plant in Paiton, Indonesia for more than 15 years. LD Ports & Logistics has demonstrated performance and reliability on this contract, originally signed in 2000 and renewed twice, in 2006 and 2014. Today LDPL discharges 8,000,000mt of coal per annum operating 4 jetty cranes and 2 tugboats to perform operations and feed the power plant stockpile. Coal is supplied by traditional sets of tugs and barges as well as self-propelled barges owned and operated by LD Ports & Logistics.