Transshipment: Dry Bulk Cargo, Coal

Dry Bulk Cargo: Coal

Project Name: Hassyan Power Plant

Range of activity: Transshipment

Location : Dubai, UAE

Subsidiary name: LDPL Middle East Shipping LLC

LD Ports & Logistics leads coal transshipment operations in Dubai, UAE from 2020, discharging capsize and panamaxes under off-shore conditions.

LDPL designed, built, maintain and operate x2 Floating Crane TransshipperUnits, x4 Self Propelled Barges FAZEL (5,800DWT each) in Dubai a Power Plant. The 2 FCTU simultaneously used on a single ocean going vessel, demonstrate transshipment rate above 40,000 tons per day. The fleet can transship 7,000,000 tons of coal per annum in a short period of 9 months during the high power consumption season.