Transshipment: Iron Ore, Sierra Leone

Project Name: Transshipment : Iron Ore, Sierra Leone
Operations : Iron Ore, Sierra Leone
Range of activity: Transshipment

Location : Freetown, Sierra Leone
Subsidiary name: LD Ports & Logistics SL

LD Ports & Logistics was appointed by London Mining to perform transhipment of iron ore off Freetown, Sierra Leone. LDPL mobilized their latest Floating Crane Transhipper Unit MV Miramar (32MT safe working load), designed and built by LDPL in 2011. The transhipment vessel, targeting a net loading rate of more than 20,000 tons per day, celebrated one year of operation achieving “zero down time”. Operations have been stopped following the bankruptcy of London Mining in 2014. LD Ports & Logistics continued transhipment operations after having enforced safety measure to cope with EVD until the mining activity was completely stopped.