has developed a powerful calculation software, BATOS, able to determine in a few seconds the best loading schedule complying with an extensive list of operational constraints.

Barging and Transshipment Optimization and Simulation

“Improving the efficiency of operations through intelligent scheduling and control.”

BATOS, developed by LDPL on industry-leading barging and transshipment operations modeling, uses simulation optimization to provide a comprehensive range of solutions for design, operational performance and optimization. It is able to determine the best loading schedule complying with an extensive list of operational constraints within a few seconds.

The solving process is a multi-level optimization which combines a linear solving system (simplex) with an enhanced genetic algorithm. This complex solving method provides solution to difficult optimization issues.

The software performs parameterized simulations for every different combination of values for our decision variables, and seeks the best combination of values for criteria that we specify. This minimizes the operation costs of despatch & demurrage and fuel consumption and keeps up the operational performance and efficiency.

BATOS has been designed to fulfill a dual objective

– Provide a flexible, fast and accurate tool for project analysis.
– Support real time operations management.

BATOS’ main function is to calculate the best loading sequence whilst dealing with a high number of assets :

It searches through thousands of ways to allocate resources and, for each one, through thousands of possible future outcomes, and seek the best set of choices. The solution gives you a much better picture of the decisions you should make.

BATOS has a Monte-Carlo application which analyzes the arrival probability of ocean-going vessels over a long period of time. It consequently integrates the Laycan schedules in the solution’s optimization.

The software calculates the best way to manage all deployed assets and provides accurate results of the transshipment rates to come for each OGV.
Calculations include an extensive list of parameters which model every single maneuver and marine operation such as OGV balance draft survey, mooring, barge initial and final draft, wheel-loader transfer between transshipment units and barges etc.

Realize savings on freight and demurrage thanks to BATOS optimization algorithm

Optimize first, then simulate:  BATOS is a powerful tool for simulation analysis that performs beyond parameterized simulation. Built on a unique combination of simplex and sophisticated genetic algorithms, BATOS core function is to optimize floating terminal operations and create value to the end user, allowing significant savings on freight and demurrage.

For any transshipment configuration such as the number and size of barges, loading jetties, transhippers and bulk carrier, BATOS calculates, searches and tests thousands of possible permutations in order to identify the ultimate loading or unloading sequence. BATOS is an unrivaled software that manages and schedules transshipment operations and stockpile management, unlocking value in the whole export process.

Adhering to the reality of maritime challenges,  BATOS is the first software designed with a specific and exclusive focus on transshipment. As a specialized software, BATOS integrates an exhaustive list of marine parameters, enabling a very high degree of realism in the modeling.

The high level of details addresses maritime challenges by testing different courses of action to mitigate risk and unplanned events and evaluate contingency plans. This enables the designs of transshipment solutions that are perfectly adapted to each project.

“ Leading efficient transshipment operations is neither intuitive nor simple, especially when it is on a large scale floating terminal with several ocean-going vessels at the same time. Being more than a simple simulation software, BATOS is an unrivalled analysis tool that compares the efficiency of different transshipment solutions in various situations and scenarios. ”

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