Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

Innovative shipowner for more than a century


Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group (LDA) is a French family Group engaged in maritime transportation and services and founded more than 160 years ago. Born out of a maritime branch of the Louis Dreyfus  Group, LDA is founded in 1851 by Leopold Louis Dreyfus. Its headquarters is based in France and the whole of its worldwide activities is consolidated. LDA Group has become a major actor of the international maritime transportation industry and has acquired today a great expertise in many areas, from the traditional bulk transportation to industrial services and logistics.


The group is a global leader in the maritime industry, offering its clients tailor-made solutions for iron ore, coal, bauxite, grain, oil and other materials. Through a culture of service excellence and sense of innovation, we integrate our maritime solutions to accelerate the success of our partners in project management and financial engineering, in new buildings and conversions and in fleet management.


The group is recognized for its value-adding approaches, sense of innovation and excellence of the French flag.

  • 2014

    Collaboration with GAR

    LDA and GAR launched collaboration through a 50-50 JV for vegetable oil and coal transportation in Indonesia in July 2014.

  • 2002

    Partnership with Airbus

    LD Seaplane, partnership with Airbus, is specialized in transportation of heavy and specialized cargoes since 2002.

  • 2000

    Laying and repairing fiber optic cables in water

    Laying and repairing fiber optic cables in water depth up to 8,000 meters is the mission of ALDA MARINE, a joint venture created in 2000 between LOUIS DREYFUS ARMATEURS and ALCATEL-LUCENT SUBMARINE NETWORK

  • 1990

    Engaged into seismic research

    In the 1990’s, LDA engaged into seismic research in providing converted vessels to a major actor of the industry – CGG. a new equally owned joint venture, GeofieLD Ship Management Services, combine each partner’s strengths to offer clients a “one stop shop” solution in providing expertise in the industry.

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